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how to secure your wordpress website

How to Secure Your WordPress Website

how to secure your wordpress website

You can secure your WordPress website both with plug-ins, and by ensuring your hosting provider has the right firewalls in place to prevent attacks.

WordPress in particular, while a great platform, does have issues with security from time to time.

This means it’s important to figure out the places hackers exploit, and plug up those holes so you don’t run the risk of website hacking or losing sensitive information.

Securing Your WordPress Website

Below are the best ways to ensure you’ve secured your WordPress website.

Monitored Firewalls

When looking for a hosting provider – make sure they have strong monitored firewalls set in place internally.

This ensures the servers where your WordPress website is hosted are protected and being watched over for suspicious activity.

In addition to having the server firewalls up and running, ask how often the hosting company updates their server software to close potential exploits.

At CanSpace we monitor our servers and client accounts 24/7. This helps ensure the utmost level of security.

Web Application Firewalls

In addition to server firewalls, securing your WordPress website can be done with a WAF (accessible from your cPanel).

The best hosting companies will provide this. We base our WAF on OWASP rules. Which helps prevent attack attempts to web software.

It is especially powerful in securing WordPress websites, Joomla etc.

However… Since this isn’t a legal requirement to be a hosting provider, most don’t bother to set up a WAF. So remember to ask the hosting company you’re checking out if they do or not.

Securing Your WordPress Website with Plug-ins

There are a number of awesome, free plug-ins you can check out and install to ensure, without a shadow of a doubt, that your website is protected.

Some of our favorites are…

Limit Log-in Attempts

protecting wordpress security with limited login attempts

This plug-in limits the amount of times a person can try logging into your site before being locked out.

Limiting the login attempts helps secure your WordPress site by ensuring hackers can’t run password cracking software to try and get into the back-end of your website (which does happen).

All in One WP Security

wordpress security plug-in

As the name would suggest, All-in-One WP Security does a number of things to help secure your WordPress website. Primarily it…

  • Checks for exploits and vulnerabilities
  • Implements security updates automatically to fix security issues
  • Gives you a visual “scoring” system so you can see how protected your site is

BulletProof Security

There are too many features to list here, but BulletProof Security is a great plug-in to protect your ass-ets.

They help secure your WordPress website in a number of ways – similar to “All-in-one” but more extensive in their features.

So, are you looking for a hosting provider that will ensure your website is fast, reliable and secure? Sign up today. We’d love to get you online (and keep it that way!)

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