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What Is Domain Privacy Protection?

  • Domain Privacy Protection shields your personal information to prevent spam, identity theft and other security threats.
  • Trustworthy domain registrars will serve as an intermediary between the public and you, by concealing your contact details in the WHOIS database while maintaining communication channels open.
  • Consider the cost-effective investment in privacy as Domain Privacy Protection enhances your online experience and safeguards your digital presence.

Imagine your domain name as the address of your virtual home. Just as you wouldn’t want strangers peering into your living room, you wouldn’t want your personal information freely accessible to anyone who stumbles upon your website. This is where Domain Privacy Protection, often referred to as WHOIS privacy, steps in.

When you register a domain, your contact information (such as your name, email address, phone number, and physical address) must be publicly available in a database known as the WHOIS database. This database is searchable by anyone, anywhere. While this may sound harmless, it opens the door to potential issues like spam emails, unsolicited phone calls, identity theft, and cyberattacks. Read on to learn more.

The Importance of Domain Privacy Protection

Domain Privacy Protection acts as a protective shield between your personal information and the public eye. Instead of displaying your actual contact details, it substitutes them with generic information provided by the domain privacy service. This way, your identity remains hidden from those who might misuse it.

Prevention of Spam and Unsolicited Communication

Domain Privacy Protection shields your real email address and phone number from spammers and marketers, preventing them from inundating your inbox or calling you incessantly.

Mitigation of Identity Theft

Cybercriminals often scrape WHOIS databases for personal information, which they further exploit for identity theft or other fraudulent activities. With Domain Privacy Protection, your sensitive details are kept out of reach.

Safeguarding Personal Safety

Revealing your home address through the database puts your physical safety at risk. This protection service ensures that your address remains confidential, protecting you from potential harm.

Preventing Domain Hijacking

Cybercriminals can exploit WHOIS information to gain unauthorized access to your domain, leading to domain hijacking or unauthorized transfers. The service adds an extra layer of security against such attempts.

How Domain Privacy Protection Works

Enabling Domain Privacy Protection is a straightforward process. Many domain registrars offer this service along with domain registration. Once you opt for this service, the registrar’s contact information replaces yours in the database. Here’s how it works:


When you opt for Domain Privacy Protection through your chosen domain registrar, a layer of protection is added to your domain registration. This protection hides your personal contact information in the WHOIS database.

Masking Personal Details

With this service, the registrar’s contact information replaces yours in the WHOIS database. This information includes generic contact details that act as intermediaries between the public and you. This way, your private information remains concealed while adhering to the accountability principle.

Secure Contact Channels

Even though your personal details are replaced, communication channels remain open. Emails and inquiries directed to the WHOIS privacy-protected email address are forwarded to you, allowing legitimate communication to reach you without exposing your private email.

Ownership and Control

Domain Privacy Protection does not affect your domain ownership or control over it. You can continue to manage it, make changes, and renew it just as you would without this protection.

The Layered Protection

Think of this service as a security barrier between you and the internet. This extra layer of protection is particularly crucial considering the increasingly sophisticated methods that cybercriminals use to gather personal data for nefarious purposes.

Choosing a Reliable Domain Registrar

Selecting a trustworthy domain registrar like CanSpace Solutions is vital for ensuring your domain’s security and reliability. Reputable registrars offer Domain Privacy Protection as part of their services, empowering you to take control of your online presence without sacrificing your privacy.

Don’t leave your personal information exposed to the online world. Protect your privacy with CanSpace’ Domain Privacy Protection services. Upgrade your domain registration to shield sensitive data from prying eyes and cyber threats. Contact us if you require any help protecting your domain data.

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