How the TBR Process Works

When CIRA releases a canceled or expired dot-CA domain name, it becomes available for registration during a special registration period held every Wednesday at 3:00PM (Eastern Time). These domains are called "To Be Released" (or "TBR" for short) domains.

To view the domain names that are going to be released next on Wednesday, July 24th, 2024 at 3:00PM, please see CIRA's list at

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Why CanSpace is the Best at Securing TBR Domains


TBR domains are often highly desirable. Having a reliable and experienced registrar on your side is key to obtaining the TBR domain you want. We have gone as far as to synchronize our own server's time to that of CIRA's TBR system down to the millisecond. Meaning we'll get our registrations in the moment the TBR session begins. In fact to take things even further, we've ensured that the latency between our servers and CIRA's is kept as low as possible (the "ping" response time between our machines and CIRA's TBR machine is under 10ms).

Automated Scripts

Many registrars do not have automated scripts set up to register TBR domains, and simply log into the registrar webpage at CIRA's website and manually fill in each order. CanSpace developers have created special scripts to "snipe" domains the moment TBR sessions begin, assuring you that no one else gets it before you do. By the time they've just begun to fill out the form, our automated scripts would have already filled all of clients' TBR orders. Simply put, our systems are more advanced than theirs - CanSpace is the best at obtaining TBR domain names.

Best Prices

As you've come to expect from CanSpace, we offer Canada's best prices on TBR domain registration - a one-time fee of just $49.99 (plus applicable yearly registration fee). Unlike other registrars, we do not charge you upfront. Your credit card is not billed until we actually register your domain. We only place an AUTHORIZE/HOLD on your credit card for the amount. If we for some reason aren't able to obain the domain you want, the hold is released and you would never have been charged. This avoids the messy "charge you upfront then refund you down the road" policy that other registrars have.

Common Misconceptions

Once again, TBR domains are registered with CIRA on a first-come first-serve basis. CIRA does not engage registrars in any sort of bidding process. Therefore, paying a registrar more to register a TBR domain does not give you a greater chance of winning the domain. Simply put, the registrar who puts in the request first will win the domain.

Many CIRA registrars will accept a TBR order for a particular domain, and then accept another TBR order for the exact same domain. In this situation, registrars will often make the competing registrants out-bid each other for the privilege of having the registrar submit a TBR order on their behalf.

CanSpace does not engage clients in this type of bidding war. Once you have put in a TBR request for a domain with us, we will only attempt to register that domain for you, and will not allow any additional orders for that same TBR domain. CanSpace believes in providing value for our customers, and we make no attempt to exploit them in this manner. You can be sure that when you place a TBR order with CanSpace, we will work hard on your behalf, and only your behalf, to attempt to secure the domain.

Front of the Line Guaranteess

Some TBR domain names can be extremely desirable and potentially extremely valuable. As mentioned earlier, the only way to guarantee you get the TBR domain you want is to have your registrar put in a registration request before any other registrar does. The TBR registration period begins at 14:00:00 EST on Wednesdays, and registrars can only begin submitting registration requests at that time. CIRA only allows each registrar a single connection to their TBR system, and registrars can only submit 1 registration request every 5 seconds. These limits are strictly enforced by CIRA's systems and there are absolutely no exceptions for any registrar.

What does this mean to you? If you place your TBR domain order with another registrar, it will simply be added to their queue. Registrars may have dozens or hundreds or even thousands of TBR domain orders, and because of the time restrictions described above, they may not end up submitting your request to CIRA for several minutes. By that time your domain may have already been registered by another registrar.

How do we solve this problem? By guaranteeing you that we will place your order first with a "front of the line" guarantee from CanSpace Solutions. When you choose a "1st in line" guarantee, we are essentially guaranteeing you that we will place your TBR registration request immediately at 14:00:00 EST, the moment the TBR registration period begins. By choosing the "2nd in line" guarantee, we guarantee that we will place your TBR registration request at 14:00:05 EST. By choosing "3rd in line" we guarantee your order will be placed at 14:00:10 EST, etc etc.

The "1st in line" option is obviously the most expensive, and virtually guarantees you will get the domain you want. Often times 2nd, 3rd, or even 10th in line is sufficient to guarantee the domain you are after (don't forget that other registrars may have dozens of TBR orders to put in, and they may be submitting them manually). The further along in the line you are, the less the option costs. Again, we do not bill you up front for the front-of-the-line guarantees either, we only AUTHORIZE your credit card for the amount. If we do not get the domain you want, we release the entire hold, including the front of the line fees.

Once the "1st in line" option is purchased for a particular registration period, it will not be available to anyone else to purchase. To see which spots are available for the next TBR period, and to see pricing options, please proceed to our:

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