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cPanel Now Supports AlmaLinux 9

cPanel is one of the most popular Linux-based hosting control panels worldwide. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users, including website owners and administrators, to manage various aspects of their hosting environment easily. 

With cPanel, users can create and manage email accounts, set up domains and subdomains, configure databases, manage files, install applications, and monitor website statistics. Staying up-to-date on the latest features and advancements will help you utilize them fully.

Keep reading to learn more about AlmaLinux 9’s updates.

What’s New in AlmaLinux 9?

AlmaLinux 9 is a promising release that has generated a lot of buzz in the tech industry as an enterprise-class Linux distribution built to be a free replacement for CentOS. 

Here are the latest features and improvements that AlmaLinux 9 brings to the table.

Updated Kernel

AlmaLinux 9 features an updated kernel, bringing many performance enhancements and improved security measures. It supports the latest hardware and is optimized for virtualization and cloud-based environments.

Streamlined Installation Process

The simplified installation process makes deploying the operating system easier for novice and experienced users. The graphical installer provides a step-by-step guide that ensures a smooth installation process.

Security Features

AlmaLinux 9 introduces several noteworthy enhancements. It now supports smart card authentication for accessing remote hosts, providing an added layer of security. Additional security profiles are available to ensure compliance with industry standards like PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

SSSD, the open-source client for enterprise identity management, offers more detailed logging information, including task completion time and error tracking. Moreover, a new log parsing tool is introduced, enhancing the search capabilities of the SSSD debug log. 

With the integration of OpenSSL 3, AlmaLinux 9 enables the utilization of the latest security standards and encryption ciphers to safeguard data. Additionally, SSH root password login is disabled by default, further bolstering the system’s security measures.

New Default Desktop Environment 

AlmaLinux 9 introduces a new default desktop environment, GNOME, with several performance and usability improvements over its predecessors.

Automation and Web Cockpit Functionality

One notable improvement is the inclusion of additional performance metrics in the web cockpit, allowing administrators to gather more detailed insights into system performance. These metrics provide valuable information for identifying potential bottlenecks and optimizing resource allocation. Moreover, the new version offers enhanced data export capabilities, facilitating seamless integration with popular data analytics and reporting tools. This streamlined data export process enables administrators to leverage the power of external analysis tools to gain deeper insights into system performance and trends.

Another remarkable feature of AlmaLinux 9’s web cockpit is the ability to apply kernel live patching directly from the interface. This functionality enables administrators to apply critical kernel patches without the need for system restarts or disruptions, ensuring continuous uptime and uninterrupted service. With this capability, administrators can efficiently address security vulnerabilities and performance issues in real-time, ensuring the system remains secure and responsive.

Upgrading to AlmaLinux 9

Upgrading your existing CentOS servers to AlmaLinux 9 is a process that we can help you with if you have a server with CanSpace. We always support the latest OS versions, and can help clients upgrade when they are ready.. 

AlmaLinux 9 has a wealth of new features and improvements that make it a compelling choice for enterprise and personal use. It’s faster, more secure, and more user-friendly than its predecessor, which makes it a robust operating system that delivers a reliable, stable, and versatile computing environment.
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