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How Much Storage Space Do You Actually Need for Your Site?

Like other storage media, website hosting has also dramatically increased the amount of space that you can affordably have. These days, it’s quite easy to have a hosting plan that has several gigabytes of storage space.

At CanSpace, we offer three different hosting plans: our Starter hosting plan includes 5Gb, our Medium plan includes 50Gb, and our Professional plan includes 500Gb.

How much storage will you actually need? We can do some simple math to come up with some rules of thumb.

It’s unlikely that any of your webpages themselves will exceed 2MBs, so you can start there. To fill up our lowest plan, 5Gb, you would need 2500 webpages. No one but the largest of e-commerce websites who list a ton of products have that many pages. Of course media-heavy websites with lots of images or video stored may use much more space.

So, if space is taken care of, what else differentiates the plans?

Bandwidth is probably the most significant factor. Our starter plan comes with 15Gb of monthly bandwidth, while our Medium and Professional plans come with unlimited bandwidth. To use our 2Mb per webpage example again, using up 15Gb of bandwidth for the month would require about 250 page loads per day (7,500 for the month).

If you run a moderately popular website, you may find yourself exceeding this number. If you’re getting anywhere close to that, you’ll want to move up to one of the other tiers to ensure you have bandwidth for optimal website speed. However, it’s also important to remember that bandwidth is only one small part of the equation when it comes to website load speed, and there are many, many refinements you can make that help your site run more efficiently on less bandwidth.

What are the other differentiators between our plans?

Our Medium plan includes these additional benefits:

  • Unlimited Domains Supported
  • Free Comodo SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited MySQL/Mailboxes
  • Attracta Web SEO Tools
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Instant Setup and Free Migration

On top of all these, the Professional plan includes:

  • A dedicated IP address included by default
  • A monthly security audit
  • A dedicated support representative

In most cases, it will not be the space or bandwidth requirements, but rather these supplementary features that will determine which plan you ultimately decide to go with.

If you have more questions about which plan best suits your current or prospective website, reach out to us today for a consultation!

CanSpace Team

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