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New eCommerce Ideas: Get Ready for 2018

It has never been easier than now to start an online business. Resources are easy to find, the Internet is flooded with new eCommerce ideas, and the tools have evolved immensely. Still, building a profitable store is a challenging task. Why? Because the competition is fierce.

As you’re planning your business moves for 2018, take a look at these ideas. With trends and in-demand industries in mind, we’re suggesting (and encouraging) you to try them out!

Health products

While mankind is surely evolving technologically, we’ve at the same time been neglecting our health every day, including daily eating habits and physical activity.

Consequently, eCommerce focused on the health industry is booming. Here are some of the products you could sell:

  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Herbal products
  • Skincare (those protecting from tech and pollution are on the rise)
  • Weight loss products
  • Organic food: snacks, teas, juices, etc.
  • Healthy pet food
  • Wide range of fitness equipment (including various gadgets)

Keep in mind that you can also sell these products as an affiliate, if you’re not comfortable (or ready) with setting up the eCommerce store. Blogging about health, while including affiliate links, won’t get out of fashion any time soon.

Product customization

This eCommerce idea can serve as an expansion of an already existing store. It may be possible to customize products you already sell, and without stellar costs!

If not, you can explore the idea of creating a brand new online store with customized products. Pick a theme or target a specific fandom, the choice is yours.

Think creatively, let your imagination run wild, and offer tailored:

  • Clothes and/or shoes
  • Cosmetics
  • Gifts (always a popular category)
  • Home and garden decor
  • Jewelry
  • Bags, and honestly,
  • Almost anything imaginable can be personalized!

Sellers all around the world will continue to explore the world of customization, reaching success if their design is both entertaining and practical. A couple of new examples are:

  1. Edible business cards
  2. Shoes with your photographs printed on them
  3. Personalized toilet paper, and more.


Imagine having a single purchase, and then, enjoying daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly payments on auto-pilot. Such a convenience brings more stability to your business, which provides flexibility to make bolder decisions throughout 2018.

The popularity of this recurring business model remains, either in the form of:

  1. Individual products
  2. Subscription boxes
  3. Services

A famous example of a subscription service, Netflix, was an inspiration for many entrepreneurs. Fortunately, almost any product-based or service-based offer contains a potential to be turned into a subscription.

Subscription boxes, in particular, are definitely here to stay. A special magic ingredient which ensures this business model will continue to grow is – convenience. The hectic tempo of modern life forces customers to seek for easier, faster, and more convenient way to buy. And what is more user-friendly than to bring hand-picked, high-quality products to someone’s doorstep?

Get ready for 2018: Start an eCommerce business

According to Forbes, beginning your eCommerce empire lies in 3 simple steps. These steps are:

  1. Choose an industry and product(s)
  2. Find the manufacturers
  3. Setup the website

While many obstacles are the inevitable part of any business, the majority of challenges tend to be connected to technical aspects. Besides the highest-quality web hosting, your website will need an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate if you intend to sell online. Such a certificate is needed to encrypt sensitive data, like personal information and credit card numbers.

With your wisely chosen domain name, and a reliable hosting service provided by us here at CanSpace Solutions, you’ll be up and selling in no time! Seize the moment and move boldly from an idea to action. And please let us know if our eCommerce ideas helped you to take the next step.

CanSpace Team

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