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Registering a .ca Domain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Our blog post “How to Register a .ca Domain and Why” recently showed you the exact steps of registering a Canadian domain, and why every Canadian business should turn to local extensions.

Satisfied with the positive reactions, we turned this article into a snazzy infographic for a colorful overview!

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

1. A step-by-step process of registering a .ca domain
2. How local TLDs can improve your business.

So enjoy the infographic, AND PASS IT ON!

canadian domain

Transcript (with useful links)

Why should you register a .ca domain?

  1. Local Google ranking for your site will improve (ie on google.ca)
  2. Faster website loading for visitors here in Canada.
  3. Save money by paying in Canadian dollars (no currency conversions)

Here’s how to do it:

Step #1 – Do you meet at least one of these criteria?

  • You’re a Canadian Citizen
  • Your business or organization is registered in Canada
  • You’re a Canadian trademark holder
  • You have Canadian permanent residency, or
  • You qualify for another category of the Canadian Presence Requirements

If the answer is “YES”, continue:

Step #2 – Search for the best domain name

  • Use CanSpace’s domain search page to help pick your ideal .ca domain
  • Then, register multiple variations of your name to avoid confusion

Step #3 – Where to buy a .ca domain?

  1. Consider additional requirements such as hosting, website building tools, emails, etc.
  2. Choose a provider whose customer service is well-rated
  3. Important for .ca domains – only choose Canadian providers, especially if they bill in Canadian dollars (like CanSpace), and are certified by CIRA (also like CanSpace)

Step #4 – Register your .ca domain

  • Tip: register your domain for multiple years up front. No need to keep a memo to renew your domain every year, plus, it costs less!

Step #5 – Protect your .ca domain

  • Do not let any third parties register your domain for you (e.g. a marketing agency). Always have full access to your account
  • Set a strong password, change it regularly. Also, do not give it to third parties
  • While registering a domain, only provide accurate and up-to-date information

Additional tips

  • French-speaking Canadian companies – consider registering a .ca domain with French characters – é, â, ô, ü…
  • Your private information should stay private – most domain providers charge more for privacy protection (we include it for free)

And now, you’re ready to begin!

Find everything you need here at CanSpace, to register a Canadian domain, but also build, host, and secure your website.

Ready, set – GO!

CanSpace Team

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