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So the Domain Name You Wanted is Taken: Some Options to Consider

We’ve all been there. You have the absolutely perfect domain name for the new site you want to build. You type it into your domain registrar of choice (we hope that’s CanSpace!) and see someone already owns it. Even worse, they haven’t built a website on it, but instead are just sitting on the domain name and not doing anything with it! 

Technically, in situations like these, the person holding the domain name may just be sitting on it and waiting for an offer to sell it to someone who will actually do something with it. But these sales are usually in the thousands of dollars, and unless you have a very good business idea that entirely depends on you owning that domain, you’re most likely better off moving on and saving the money to use elsewhere.

After a brief period of mourning, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do next. Our take on this? Never fall in love with a domain name. Like anything else — cars, real estate, jobs — you can always find another one that will suit your needs, and maybe be even better than the one you thought was perfect.

So, if your preferred choice of a .ca is already taken by someone else, you may consider other extensions like .com, .net, or .org. These extensions are available to registrants world-wide and so you will likely find that your domain is taken in these as well, but it’s worthwhile to check anyway.

After that, start brainstorming about other domain names that might work for you. As you know, in the rules of brainstorming, don’t commit to anything, just focus on getting 10-20 other domains on paper so you can see what’s available.

Don’t necessarily rule out using one of the newer domain extensions that have gotten popular over the past few years. The likelihood of your exact domain being available is higher with these, and they’re good for keeping your overall domain name shorter. These include domain extensions like .blog, .app, .site, .shop, .store, and many more. For more information on alternative domain extensions, see our post on the subject.

At CanSpace Solutions, we offer all the same features as our competitors—including domain privacy, full DNS record control, domain forwarding, our excellent support, and much much more—at only a fraction of the price of others.

Our price for .ca domains is only $10.99 (CAD) per year, regardless of the number of years you register for. This price is the same for registrations, renewals, and transfers. There are no additional hidden fees, period.

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