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How to Update PHP on Your Website

PHP is a programming language used by millions of websites and applications around the world. It powers some of the largest sites on the internet, including Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress.com. PHP is constantly being updated with new features and security fixes. Keeping your PHP installation up to date is essential for keeping your website safe and secure.

All CanSpace clients can select their PHP version by clicking the MultiPHP Manager icon in the cPanel for their account.

Why Up to Date PHP is Essential for your Website

PHP is a popular target for attackers because it is so widely used. Outdated versions of PHP are often exploited by hackers to gain access to websites and servers. By keeping your PHP installation up to date, you can help protect your site from these types of attacks.

In addition to security fixes, newer versions of PHP often include performance improvements and new features. Updating to the latest version of PHP can help your website run faster and provide a better experience for your users.

Four Tips on Updating PHP on Your Site

1. Check your hosting provider’s support policy before updating. Some hosting providers do not support the latest versions of PHP. Be sure to check with your provider before upgrading to ensure that they will continue to support your site.

At CanSpace, we always support the latest PHP release and encourage all our hosted websites to install it.

2. Make sure your website is compatible with the new version of PHP. Newer versions of PHP may not be compatible with older scripts and code. Always make sure that your plugins, themes, and application itself is up to date before selecting the latest PHP version.

3. Take advantage of automatic updates when possible. Many hosting providers now offer automatic updates for PHP. This can help reduce the risk of forgetting to update your installation manually.

4. Keep backups of your website before updating. As with any major change to your website, it’s always a good idea to create a backup before proceeding. That way, you can restore your site if something goes wrong during the update process.

Upgrading to a recent version of PHP can make a dramatic difference in your website’s performance. At CanSpace, we plan to support PHP 8.2 as soon as it’s released.

If you have any specific questions about how these new functionalities may affect your site, contact us to discuss!

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