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Red Hat’s CentOS Announcement: Implications for AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux

  • Red Hat’s recent shift from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream has sparked concerns within the broader Linux community.
  • AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux emerged as direct replacements for CentOS, promising to uphold the legacy of CentOS as a community-driven RHEL alternative.
  • Choosing the right operating system for your server, such as Ubuntu, RHEL, AlmaLinux, or Rocky Linux, can significantly influence good website hosting and management experience.

Red Hat’s recent announcement regarding changes to the CentOS project has sent shockwaves through the Linux community. The decision to shift focus from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream has raised concerns and implications for popular CentOS-based alternatives like AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux. 

Keep reading to learn more about the details of Red Hat’s CentOS announcement, what opportunities it may entail for AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux, and the path forward for these emerging distributions.

What Happened with Red Hat’s CentOS?

Recently, Red Hat announced a major change in its strategy for CentOS. Traditionally, CentOS has been known as a stable, community-driven distribution, rebuilt from the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The solid reputation and longevity of CentOS made it a popular choice among developers, businesses, and open-source enthusiasts.

However, Red Hat’s decision to shift its focus to CentOS Stream has raised concerns and questions about the future of CentOS as we know it. That means those using CentOS will be stuck with an OS that will receive no more active development after this year, with two alternatives being AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux.

What Does the Future Hold for AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux?

The shift in CentOS’s focus has presented an opportunity for emerging distributions like AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux. Both AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux have positioned themselves as direct replacements for CentOS, promising to continue the legacy of CentOS as a stable, community-driven RHEL alternative.


Developed by CloudLinux in 2020, this operating system offers long-term support and predictable release cycles as a drop-in replacement for CentOS. It also provides a free, open-source, and community-driven alternative.

Rocky Linux 

Rocky Linux is an option for users in search of a CentOS-like experience. This community-driven project is on a mission to offer a reliable and stable alternative to RHEL. 

Despite challenges imposed by Red Hat, including limited access to RHEL sources and restrictive terms of service, Rocky Linux is committed to obtaining the source code through alternative methods that align with open-source values.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing the right operating system for your server is important for successful website hosting and management. With numerous options available, such as Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), AlmaLinux, and Rocky Linux, it can be challenging to determine the best. 

Let’s compare two popular alternatives to CentOS: AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux.


  • Compatibility with CentOS: Both operating systems are binary compatible with CentOS.
  • Stable and Secure: Both AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux prioritize stability and security, providing long-term support and frequent updates.


  • Backing and Development: AlmaLinux is supported by CloudLinux, a well-established company in the web hosting industry, while Rocky Linux is backed by the founder of CentOS.
  • Release Timing: AlmaLinux was released earlier than Rocky Linux, giving it a head start in terms of availability and stability.

Making the Choice

When deciding between AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux, it is essential to consider your specific requirements and preferences. If you value the backing of an established company with a reliable track record, AlmaLinux may be the better choice. 

However, if you prefer to stick with the CentOS project’s original roots and support the community-led effort, Rocky Linux could be the right fit.

The Path Forward

While both AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux hold promise as replacements for CentOS, their success will depend on community adoption and the ability to provide a stable and reliable channel of distribution. The key challenges for these projects will be establishing trust and attracting CentOS users, as well as forming strong communities around their distributions.

At CanSpace Solutions, we offer support for both AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux with our dedicated servers and VPS hosting line. Our highly-skilled support team can assist you in choosing the best operating system for your server based on your unique needs and preferences. Contact us today if you have further questions or need advice selecting the right operating system for your server.

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