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The Best Desktop Email Clients for Your Hosting Account

  • Desktop email clients help you manage email accounts that traditionally come with web hosting plans that support popular email protocols like IMAP and POP.
  • Multiple free and paid options exist for both Windows (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mailbird) and MacOS (Apple Mail, eM Client) users.
  • Some desktop email clients offer shared inbox for team collaboration (Spark Mail, Missive, Front), productivity tools and integration with other applications that may not be available with web-based email services.

A web hosting account offers essential tools and resources for efficient website and email management. Although you can handle all your emails through it, utilizing a desktop email client enhances personalization and simplifies the experience.

This application allows you to directly access and manage your email accounts from your computer’s desktop, eliminating the necessity of opening a web browser every time you wish to check your emails. Continue reading to discover some of the top desktop email clients that are compatible with your hosting account.

Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is notable for being a well-liked and straightforward email client. It has an easy-to-use interface with a good structure that makes managing multiple accounts simple. With this program, you can easily send and receive emails, set up folders and filters for your inbox, as well as schedule tasks and appointments.

Additionally, Outlook offers seamless integration with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, which is a huge plus for business users. 

Mozilla Thunderbird

If you’re looking for a reliable and feature-rich desktop email client, Mozilla Thunderbird is a fantastic choice. It is free and open-source and supports various email protocols, including IMAP, making it compatible with CanSpace Solutions hosting plans.

Thunderbird has a customizable interface, powerful search capabilities, and advanced spam filtering to keep your inbox clutter-free. It also includes a calendar, allowing you to manage your appointments, events, and tasks directly from the email client. This eliminates the need for separate calendar apps, resulting in a quick solution for both email and scheduling.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail is a native email client for Mac users that comes pre-installed on macOS gadgets. It has a slick, user-friendly design that works well with other Apple programs. 

With features like smart mailboxes, conversation views, and robust search options, Apple Mail provides a smooth and efficient email experience for Mac users. It supports industry-standard encryption protocols, ensuring the secure transmission of your emails and protecting your sensitive information.

eM Client

eM Client is a lesser-known but competent email client that deserves recognition. It has a straightforward and user-friendly interface, suitable for both personal and professional use. 

With this app, you can manage multiple email accounts, import contacts, and easily synchronize your calendar and tasks. It also supports PGP encryption for secure email communication, ensuring privacy and data protection.


If you prefer a lightweight and visually appealing email client, Mailbird is worth considering. It boasts a modern and customizable interface, allowing you to personalize your email experience. 

Mailbird supports a wide range of email providers and offers features like a unified inbox, advanced search, and built-in productivity tools like calendar and task management. It also integrates with popular apps like WhatsApp, Slack, and Google Drive, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Windows Mail

Windows Mail is a built-in email client that comes pre-installed on Windows 10 devices, offering a convenient and straightforward way to manage your emails. It supports popular email protocols like IMAP and POP, allowing you to easily connect your hosting account. You can add multiple email accounts, including those from different providers, which gives you a unified view of your inbox.

Email Clients for Teams

Collaborative email platforms like Spark Mail, Missive and Front offer many benefits to teams looking for efficient communication and streamlined collaboration. These platforms allow team members to collaborate on emails, delegate tasks, and share insights within the same interface. With shared inboxes, threaded conversations, and real-time collaboration features, teams can enhance transparency and avoid scattered information.

Collaborative email tools also help keep email threads organized and tracked, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page, which ultimately improves teamwork productivity in modern remote-work environments.

When it comes to choosing the best desktop email client for your hosting account, you have several excellent options. Whether you value integration with other applications, simplicity, customization, or productivity tools, a desktop email client will suit your needs perfectly.

Are you ready to take control of your email experience and boost your productivity to new heights? Discover the perfect desktop email client for your CanSpace Solutions hosting account and streamline your communication workflow.
All our hosting plans are IMAP-compatible, allowing you to access your email accounts through your preferred desktop client. Contact us and let us guide you toward the best choice for effortless email management.

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