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Ten Simple Tips to Boost Your WordPress Security Today

  • Keeping your WordPress version, themes and plugins up to date are first-ranked items to keep your website secure.
  • Implement strong password practices and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added protection.
  • Use security plugins, limit login attempts and secure file permissions to fortify your website’s defenses.

Your WordPress website is more than just a digital presence—it’s your online identity, voice, and connection to the world. However, just as you’d protect your home from intruders, you must safeguard your website from threats.

Keep reading as we explore ten straightforward yet incredibly effective strategies to boost your WordPress security.

Keep WordPress Updated

Updating your WordPress core, themes, and plugins is like securing your online home. Developers frequently release updates to fix vulnerabilities, so always stay up-to-date to keep hackers out.

Choose Strong Passwords

Make sure to create strong, unique passwords for your WordPress admin, database, and hosting accounts. Combine uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create a robust defence against attacks.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security. It’s like having a secret code for your private code! Enable 2FA for your login so that even if someone guesses your password, they can’t access your website without the second authentication step.

Limit Login Attempts

Limit the number of login attempts to prevent hackers from repeatedly guessing your password. There are plugins available that can help you set up this security feature easily.

Regular Backups

By creating routine backups of your site, you ensure that no matter what happens—a hacking attempt or a technical glitch—you can always hit the “restore” button and get your website back to its secure and pristine state. Backups are your digital insurance policy and are easy to set up with the right tools.

Install a Security Plugin

There are many free and paid security plugin options available that can help protect your website from threats such as malware and suspicious login attempts. Wordfence and Sucuri Security are popular choices.

Rename Your Login Page

By default, WordPress uses “wp-login.php” as the login page URL. Changing it to something unique, like “my-secret-page,” makes it harder for hackers to find and target your login page. A security plugin can assist you with this task.

Secure File Permissions

Secure file permissions refer to the settings that dictate who can access, modify, or execute a file on a computer system. Properly configuring these permissions is important for safeguarding sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access or tampering.

Disable Directory Listing

Disable directory listings to prevent hackers from seeing the contents of your directories. You can do this by adding “Options-Indexes” to your “.htaccess” file.

Monitor for Suspicious Activity

Monitor your website for suspicious activity. Plugins like Wordfence can help you track login attempts, file changes, and more. Regularly reviewing these logs can help you spot and address security issues promptly.

These tips are a great starting point, but website security is an ongoing process. Regularly update, monitor, and maintain your website’s security to stay one step ahead of potential threats. With the right precautions in place, you can enjoy the benefits of WordPress without worrying about security breaches.

The incredible thing about CanSpace is that besides all servers being specifically optimized for WordPress, they are automatically protected against the vast majority of threats and web-bots.

We provide all of our clients with a free WAF (web application firewall) to preemptively prevent WordPress hack attempts. The WAF rules are specifically tailored to WordPress-based websites, and it can also help prevent attacks against outdated WordPress installations, as well as vulnerable plugins. While that can give an additional peace of mind, it shall not void the advice to proactively keep your website and WordPress up to date.

Let CanSpace Solutions be your digital security partner. Explore our robust hosting and security services today and experience the peace of mind that comes with top-notch protection. Your website’s safety is our priority. Contact us to get started now!

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