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The best web hosting for small business

Let’s start with numbers, because they never lie! E-commerce is the fastest-growing business model since 1995, when Amazon launched its famous online store. Pizza Hut did it in 1994 when it started offering online purchases, but the impact Amazon had on the community and the way we conduct business is much more significant. Since the nineties, most of the first-time millionaires come from the e-commerce sector, and we can bet you that they had the best web hosting for small business when they first started!

Another fun fact when it comes to e-commerce is that it’s the least corrupt business sector of all, which gives us a glimmer of hope when it comes to society. Almost 80 percent of internet users have made a purchase online, and it’s a $350 billion industry in the USA alone, so you might say it’s profitable. What we do want to talk about, though, is how important the best web hosting for small business truly is.

Because we live in a fast-paced world where the bulk of trade transactions are done online, if a store doesn’t have a strong virtual presence and an online purchase option, the chances of success drop dramatically. However, even if you have the best e-commerce idea, and you’re selling the most original items, nothing matters quite as much as the hosting server. Wondering why? Keep on reading!

Small business web hosting – how vital it is?

The small business web hosting concept is deeply intertwined because your sales depend on the website. Thus, if you want to generate profit, you’ll have to maintain a functional, fast, assessable and reliable site. We compiled a list of the most important reasons why web hosting is vital for small business.

Minimizing the risks – Are you familiar with the term “website downtime”? Simply put, it’s when your customers are trying to reach your online store, but they can’t, which can lead to a loss in profit. With a quality hosting provider, that won’t happen. Your website will be up and running at full speed. If the provider has hosting maintenance or problems, and if that occurs frequently, it can even affect the brand of the company that you’re trying to build.

Secure and protect – Malware attacks, viruses, hackers — this list goes on and on, and you wouldn’t want to wind up as a victim to any of the above. Choosing a hosting provider who can ensure the safety of your website is crucial. A worst-case scenario is when a virus wipes out your database, leaving you without customer or sales records, which are invaluable for the daily business operations.

24/7 support – Perhaps the most important reason on this list is the 24/7 technical support you should receive for the maintenance of your website. Even if you account for every scenario imaginable, sometimes you can’t predict what can go wrong, and having the technical assistance by your hosting provider at all times can go a long way for ensuring your peace of mind. Having a customer support team that can help you resolve problems quickly and efficiently is crucial for an e-commerce business.

Tips for choosing the best server for small business

Now that you understand why web hosting is crucial for your business, we thought we might help you with some inside tips about choosing the best server for small business.

Choose the hosting type/package that fits your company’s needs – The basics covers determining which type of hosting you need, for example, an affordable dedicated server, and then focusing on the packages offered in that range. Usually, you can find at least three different package deals to choose from per hosting company.

Choose a hosting company with a good reputation – You shouldn’t be taking risks when it comes to hosting your website. Imagen if you have to transfer the domain name, and there is no one to smooth the process for you. Always go with a company that has years of experience, reputable clients and good reviews.

Consider the price, but don’t make it the single most important part of your decision – Of course, the price is crucial when you’re choosing a hosting provider, but you shouldn’t let it dictate your entire decision-making process. It will be a shame if your business suffers only so you could save a few dollars per month. Even if you’re just starting, do your research, check out the reviews and find a good price-value ratio deal before you commit to a hosting provider.

Familiarize yourself with the customer support, the backup plan and the security features – These are all the questions you should be asking before you choose a provider. You need to find a web hosting solution with a 24/7 customer support and a backup plan, just in case you encounter problems and issues on your website. Furthermore, you need to be informed about the security measures in place, so you’ll know your site is protected.

Canspace packages and extras for small business website hosting services

When it comes to small business website hosting services, here at Canspace, we offer three packages:

  • Starter for $4.99 per month with 5GB secure disk storage space
  • Medium for $9.99 per month with 50GB secure disk storage space
  • Professional for $22.99 per month with 200GB secure disk storage space

As we said above, you should find a web hosting company with a good reputation, and Canspace has plenty of that. We are an award-winning company with over 10 years of experience, and this is the impression our clients have for us:

“I can’t praise CanSpace enough. Everything about the experience of working with them has been exceptional. I’ve worked with GoDaddy, NameCheap, Netfirms, HostUpon, HostPapa, iPage and SiteGround… and CanSpace is head and shoulders above them all in every way. The service and support are amazing and fast. Tickets are answered promptly. Rates and fees are very reasonable, and the functionality has been flawless.”

Martinus Geleynse from Canada via HostAdvice

Canspace offers the best web hosting for small business because we are reliable, secure and affordable. Moreover, we even offer a free web-based site builder for beginners.

CanSpace Team

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