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What’s New in WordPress 6.4

  • WordPress 6.4 was released on November 7, 2023.
  • New default theme, named Twenty Twenty-Four, has several new development tools that make the website-building process more intuitive and customizable.
  • One such tool is Block Hooks that enable Dynamic blocks to pop up in relevant spots next to other Dynamic blocks.

The newest version of WordPress, WordPress 6.4 was released on November 7, 2023. The new release is named after the famous jazz artist, Shirley Horn, who was renowned for blending various genres to create innovative music beyond traditional jazz. Similarly, WordPress 6.4’s new default theme, “Twenty Twenty-Four,” transcends the confines of a single topic — apparently, it was developed with three case studies in mind in order to be adaptable to any industry. WordPress 6.4 also introduces a number of developer tools and system refinements. Stay tuned for a sneak peek at what those are!

A Glimpse into the Aesthetics of WordPress 6.4

Twenty Twenty-Four is the name for WordPress 6.4’s default theme designed by Beatriz Fialho. It is a versatile collection of various templates that you can leverage to create an About Us page, your project overview, your RSVP page, or landing pages for your Google ads marketing campaign. Twenty Twenty-Four boasts excellent loading speeds too.

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New Developer Tools in WordPress 6.4

WordPress aspires to empower people all over the world to leverage the power of technology to show their talents and trade their goods and services. Each new release upholds this purpose.

Smooth Navigation

The new WordPress version makes navigation easier with the following updates:

  • New toolbar experience for the Navigation, List, and Quote blocks
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Smoother list merging
  • Refreshed design of the Command Palette

If you aren’t familiar with Command Palette, this is a recent tool that was first introduced in version 6.3. It helps you find block-specific actions you want to perform.

Customizable Development

WordPress 6.4 aims to make the process of creating your own website as customizable as possible. With these aspirations in mind, the developers of this new version have added a functionality that lets you organize your patterns with custom categories. Also, they improved the filtering functionality. Now finding the pattern you need is as quick as snapping your fingers.

Not only that, but WordPress 6.4 allows you to set custom names for Group blocks. This is an excellent way to organize and distinguish areas of your content. You can see the names you’ve chosen in List View.

Self-Building Website

Block Hooks are one more exciting innovation of WordPress 6.4. They enable Dynamic blocks to pop up in relevant spots next to other Dynamic blocks. For example, imagine you’ve just added a Post Content block to your webpage; with a Block Hooks tool enabled, a “Like” button block can appear next to it. While you have the final word on whether to keep this block or remove it, the suggestion is quite neat and speeds up your website-building process.

WordPress 6.4 is an exciting release, and we’ve just shown you the tip of the iceberg in terms of its innovative features. Now it’s time for you to delve right into building your websites feeling empowered by new aesthetics and development tools.

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