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WordPress 5.4: New & Notable Changes in the Latest WordPress Update

Few examples of software have had quite an impact on the internet as WordPress. By February 2020, WordPress powered around 20 percent of all self-hosted websites.

Its frequent updates mean the software provides the features users ask for. The updates also make maintaining websites more secure and easy to use.

The latest WordPress update, version 5.4, arrived in March 2020. Are you wondering what’s new in this latest update? Read on to learn more.

Improvements to the Block Editor

The Block Editor first appeared in WordPress with version 5.0 as part of the Gutenberg Editor. Blocks made it easier for users to organize content that included multiple elements.

Images, slideshows, custom HTML, and more could drop between blocks of written content. It improved the user experience of websites by breaking up the dreaded ‘wall of text’.

With WordPress 5.4, you’ll find new features within the block editor. You’ll also be able to do more with your existing blocks.

Users can change text color locally within a block. You can also apply colored backgrounds or gradients to specific blocks.

Three of the notable new blocks are Social Icons, Buttons, and Embed TikTok.

Social Icons

This block lets you drop links to your social media profiles into a page. Choose from three different icon styles, such as ’round’ or ‘pill’.

Be warned, they’re just links to the profiles. You still need a separate plugin for social sharing. Check out our guide to integrating your website with social media.


This feature lets you add several buttons alongside one another on your page. Imagine a ‘learn more’ and an ‘order now’ button side by side.

It updates the old button block.

Embed TikTok

You’ll also find a specific block so you can embed TikTok videos into your content. All you need is the URL for the TikTok content you want.

New Calendar Display 

The code that powers website calendars has also changed in the new WordPress update. Most calendars feature navigation links at the bottom to previous or future months.

These links within the calendar widget have moved. They’re now kept in a nav element that’s separate from the table. This makes calendars easier to use with screen readers for disabled users.

Check out the new separate CSS classes for the calendar widget to make targeting much easier.

Check Your Site Health 

Many of the new features in WordPress 5.4 focus on the update Block Editor. That said, you should notice the new Site Health widget on the dashboard.

This pulls data about performance, security, and health into one place, which makes it easier for a user to check these reports at a glance.

Even if the site health looks good, WordPress still makes suggestions to boost security or performance.

Enjoy the New Features in WordPress Update 5.4

You can download the latest WordPress update right now. Make sure you take a backup of your website before you do. 

Most themes and plugins should be compatible with WordPress 5.4. Having the backup ensures you can roll back to the previous version if they’re not.

If you’re not sure how WordPress 5.4 works with your web hosting, contact us today. We can walk you through your options to find the right solution for you.

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