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What's is the best domain extension?

What is The Best Domain Extension? (TLD)

With dozens of top level domains (domain extensions) to choose from, it may be hard to decide which TLD is best for your website.

This question is kind of hard to answer. Everyone’s situation is different. There is no “best” TLD, but only the best one for you.

The Best Domain Extension

The best domain extension should be chosen to help you create a stronger brand identity and improve results in your marketing.  The only way you can make this choice is by deciding what is important to you, and how you want portray your website/business.

Let’s start by going over the different types of TLD’s you can choose from.

Industry/Profession TLD’s:

Below is a small sampling of the business industry or career specific words you can use as a domain extension.

  • .Agency
  • .Accountant
  • .Cafe
  • .Church
  • .Lawyer
  • .Marketing
  • .Realtor

There are dozens more that you can pick, which are specific to your industry or professional title.

Product/Service TLD’s:

For those who want to have a very specific product offering and convey that in their domain name, you may want to look for TLD’s like the following.

  • .Bike
  • .Camera
  • .Computer
  • .Cruises
  • .Diamonds
  • .Events
  • .Tattoo

There are also many different domain extensions that target all kinds of different lifestyle, sports, education and commerce.

Our Opinion on Domain Extensions

While they are definitely interesting, and useful for vanity branding plays or independent marketing campaigns. Buying a .ca, .com or .net domain is in our opinion still the best option.

If you own a Canadian business or do business in Canada, having a .ca domain will help build trust with your consumers and give you more weight in the search engines (SEO).

For this reason, we believe you should put a .ca domain at the top of your list.

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Want to get your own website or blog online but not sure what domain extension (or TLD – Top Level Domain) works best for a personal website?

There are now hundreds of TLD’s to choose from. Meaning it’s probably an overwhelming decision to be making! Should you pick .ca, .com, .co, .biz, .artist etc?

The good news is, in most cases the decision is relatively easy to make.

The Best Extension for a Personal Website Is…

Easy to remember, and helps you rank higher on the search engines so more people find you.

The fact of the matter is: traditional .CA and .COM domains are still the best. And we’re going to explain why that is right now.

1. Best For SEO

If you’re a Canadian business or do business in Canada, the best domain extension for you would be .CA. Why? It is given more “local power” in the search engines.

As a result of the country specific domain name, Google recognizes that you will be more relevant to people making search queries in Canada vs. the other options.

Not only does using .CA or .COM effect SEO, it plays a part in how people perceive your website.

2. More trusted

The new TLD’s are just that… new. Meaning they do not yet have widespread usage or recognition.

The recognition of .com or .ca domains is undoubtedly higher (because they have been around for longer). This recognition improves the trust factor of your website. In addition, if you’re using a .ca domain, you will be perceived as a local business.

This is good for building trust with your website visitors and potential customers if you’re selling.

3. More of a “staple” domain

When it comes to the new unique/cool TLD’s, they are best used in specific branding or marketing campaigns.

For regular personal websites, using something that is more of a widely recognized “staple” TLD will make your domain more easily memorable and less gimmicky feeling.

In Conclusion

While there are many different domain extensions to choose from, it’s hard to define where the benefit lies in choosing something more unique (aside from branding plays/marketing campaigns).

If you’re looking to get people to your website to consume your stuff – whether that be your blogs, vlogs, or photo feed, your best bet is to go with the traditional .ca or .com domains.

There are instances where it may make sense… If you really want something unique and are willing to put in the work to generate more brand recognition, you can use the other types. Just remember, your SEO may be affected.

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