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A Guide to cPanel Version 88: What’s New?

Within twenty years, cPanel has developed into the website hosting platform of choice.

Boasting over three million website users, this simple-to-use software fuels business sites of all sizes around the world. Its graphical UI lets you create and manage databases, domains, files, and metrics. And best of all it comes FREE on all our web hosting packages.

cPanel Version 88 was released on May 11th, 2020, and packs even more great features.

This article highlights the top four upgrades. From MySQL 8.0 to updated webmail, read on to discover how cPanel can benefit your business website.

1. Roundcube 1.4 Webmail

Roundcube offers a beautiful interface to manage your hosted emails. Its rich GUI lets you compose and send emails using your own domain. And now version 1.4 expands that to mobile devices.

The new responsive theme adapts to all sizes of mobile displays. That means no more pinch and zoom – just a simple way to read your emails.

There’s also a new version of the Calendar and Contacts Server (CCS) plugin. This integrates with cPanel directly to manage your schedules and contacts list.

2. MySQL 8.0 Support 

This cPanel update brings access to the latest version of MySQL. The industry-standard open-source database now offers:

  • Transactional data dictionary access
  • Enhanced JSON support
  • Unicode 9.0 support

The biggest change has to be the database management system.

MySQL 8 now embraces the NoSQL format of a document store. It acts like MongoDB in that data can be saved in a file-type format, not in traditional tables.

That’s great news for modern developers who code for the Cloud. And with additional JSON integration, programming just got a whole lot easier!

3. ImunifyAV Malware Scanner

ImunifyAV is a leading malware scanning solution and now comes free with cPanel version 88.

This app keeps malicious code out of your files and is essential to protect your site. It doesn’t matter if your website is built with PHP or static HTML, ImunifyAV scans everything for malicious code.

If malware is discovered, you have the option to remove it by upgrading to ImunifyAV+.

This software removes any malicious code with a simple click of the mouse. And with its simple interface, you can easily monitor and control all your security settings.

4. WHM Streaming Transfers

The Web Host Manager or WHM unlocks powerful tools to manage your web server. cPanel and WHM combined give you full control over your web site.

If you need to transfer your site or database between servers, WHM now offers a full streaming facility. This is great news for large MySQL data dumps, as it speeds up the process considerably.

All the transfer tools have been upgraded and are now more streamlined. The result is a cleaner and quicker interface.

cPanel Version 88 on CanSpace Solutions

At CanSpace Solutions, we know our customers want the latest features on their hosting accounts. That’s why we’ve updated all of our hosting solutions to cPanel Version 88.

Canada’s best web hosting company now includes all the benefits of cPanel like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and MySQL.

Our 24/7/365 support is here to help you move to our secure shared or virtual servers. With free migration and a 30-day guarantee, there’s every reason to join us. Our reseller program even lets you start your own web hosting company!

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