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What are SSL Certificates?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. In web hosting, it’s essentially the technology that secures your website. HTTPS uses the SSL protocol to secure your website.

Typically, data is sent to and from servers in text form. When connecting via HTTPS, prior to sending or receiving data from your website, it is encrypted. This is done so that hackers can’t gain access to sensitive information.

This may not be huge to worry about if you just own a blog and aren’t setting up an online store. Although having HTTPS does help with search engine optimization as Google tends to rank secure sites more highly.

When do you Need an SSL certificate?

You will need an SSL if you’re going to:

  1. Sell products on your website
  2. Create a membership website
  3. Process sensitive personal information

Any time you are processing or protecting your information or that of your website visitors/customers, you will need to set up an SSL certificate.

This ensures you’re protected and keeping the information of your customers safe.

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