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What is Web 3.0 And How Will it Affect Your Website?

No single piece of technology has impacted our world quite as profoundly as the internet. However, the internet is not a single piece of technology, but rather a “cloud” or a grouping of things that function to create transmittable data. 

The capacity of this information transmission has exponentially increased throughout the years, providing us with helpful tools. Whereas we once had to have a computer running a program to access the internet, and that computer had to be hardwired into a phone jack and power source, we can now wirelessly interact with all facets of the web. We do this everyday when we refresh our email on the bus. We take zoom meetings and make facetime calls in Ubers. It seems as though technology can not get easier or more accessible. 

A Look at Web 1.0 and 2.0

The current state of the world wide web is what we call Web 2.0. We have devices which we consciously connect to different applications and websites, and we allow them with permission to transmit background data and store cookies on our devices. When we had one PC split between every member of the family, and we could not use the phone while we searched the web, that was the Web 1.0 era. Isn’t it funny that we specifically use our phone to access the internet more than any other device, when originally using the two simultaneously was such a hassle?

What to Expect from Web 3.0

Simultaneous is the keyword for Web 3.0, more accurately concurrency. Web 3.0 is about the interrelation and interactivity of devices on wireless networks. While your device is serving you information it retrieved about your location using a mapping app, it is also sending a huge amount of information back to the map app.

This is creating an intangible digital network across devices, because at the same time the device is connected to a high speed digital network, multiple high speed wifi networks are nearby, it has webpages open on an unclosed browser, it is connected to your smartwatch and bluetooth headphones, it is refreshing email, etc.

The large growth in the computational power of devices, in tandem with the growth in network capability, and huge developments in software have all contributed to jumps in the capability of tech as we know it.

All of that, everything that all of us demand of our devices on wireless networks, the texting, calling, video chatting, streaming, emailing, calendars, the whole mess we create to organize our lives and communicate–it represents about one third of the internet’s capability. There is of course a lot more going on in the backend of the internet, in the form of hosting, serving, security, data, and backend. There is still a lot of opportunity left to utilize the network of interacting devices, beyond the increased speed and access all of us will see.

What All of This Will Mean for Your Business

It means if you haven’t considered how cloud networks, data storage and transmission, and website reliability are going to affect your business, you need to do that now.

Your business needs to reconsider how it can implement cloud based technologies into its business operations.

  • What does your backend data process look like? Is data easily accessed? Organized? Backed up? You should not still be scanning paper documents, unless you really cannot help it.
  • What is the user experience for your customers between learning about your product, consulting with sales, and making a purchase? 
  • How often do your users need to submit information? How many steps are there with room for human error or redundancy?
  • No one wants to lose dedicated employees, but staffing may shrink as technology becomes more comprehensive. Where are there opportunities in your departments to pivot or grow? Where are the places where redundancy lives?
  • How secure do you feel in your website design and development? 

How sure of you that your website hosting is where it needs to be? In a Web 3.0 world, anything less than 24/7 monitoring and dedicated servers is going to cost you money. The money you think you are saving is going to cost you sales and users. Consider CanSpace Solutions for your business’ hosting needs, and be prepared for the next era.

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