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What You Need to Know About Security For Your Dedicated Server or VPS

Managing the security of your site is a 24/7 process. For every process your server runs there is a potential security threat. It can be a full-time job just monitoring for threats, since they can happen anytime. Add to that the process of installing updates and software packages and you may need an extra hand. That’s why any Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plan from CanSpace comes fully managed, security hardened, 24/7 monitored, and includes RAID 1 mirroring for redundancy. While there are many options to improve the security of your Dedicated Server or VPS, we want to make sure you are aware of your options and feel comfortable in your coverage.


Virtual Private Servers allow you access to your own resources from a physical server. Inside of this server, each VPS is compartmentalized, so resources are separated in virtualized sections. Each virtualized compartment retains control over resources and OS, and you retain full root access. 

At CanSpace, you can expect full server administration from our VPS services. VPS services are also managed at CanSpace, and we meticulously monitor our servers. All software is updated to the latest versions, security patches are applied, and firewalls are customized, and we run a 2-hour performance check before we hand you your VPS. We want your experience with us to be secure and optimized. 

Another cool feature is resource upgrading, because of the virtualized nature of VPS service, our plans are elastic. Your resources can be upgraded to match your needs in as little as 30 seconds. For security, VPS at CanSpace includes security hardening, CSF and LFD firewalls preconfigured, and a web application firewall. This is a great option to optimize security and resources over that of a shared server, while maintaining moderate price structure. 

With CanSpace your VPS service cost includes fully managed server security, administration, updates and maintenance. While you retain full root access, you also have 24/7 monitoring. The cost of your service is balanced by essentially including a 24/7 security and monitoring team.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are the “top-shelf” option for your server requirements. With a dedicated server you are getting the entire capability of a physical server, hosted in a data centre, and none of your resources will be shared with any other customers. At CanSpace, our data centre is DDoS-free and thus we protect you from DDoS attacks, and will not disable your site because of DDoS threats. 

With a Dedicated Server you gain access to the control panel, operating system, and full root access. Your dedicated server is a physical piece of your business, it stores all the valuable data you have gathered, and protecting it is a fundamental necessity for your continued success. There are three steps you must take to protect any server you are relying on:

Update and stay up-to-date

Old software and exploitation go hand in hand in technology. Most people find updates tedious, they will postpone them or decide that nothing crucial is coming in a given patch (just like your iPhone iOS update) and just ignore it. The longer this goes on the larger a problem it can become. Staying updated is also usually beneficial for the backend operations of how a server runs, as well as keeping threats minimized. With CanSpace, this is not your concern. Thanks to our monitoring and ownership over your security, we will handle this for you.

Access and Passwords

Immediately change any default passwords and implement a password strategy that you find secure. You can force users to change passwords every 3 months, 6 months, etc. You can enforce a password criteria, usually people recommend 6-8+ characters, at least one special character, at least one number, etc. Another huge tip is to remove things you do not use, like users. If someone leaves your company make sure you adjust access. If someone only needs access infrequently, make sure they change their password regularly. 


What size backup is necessary for your data usage? Do you need a physical solid state backup? A partition? Can you utilize regular cloud storage for your backups? These are great questions to bounce off of your server hosting company for reference. If they do not have answers to these types of questions, and they do not offer backup services (Yikes!), it is time to contact CanSpace. We offer nightly backups and your data can be restored at any time, we also have a server management team and your server is managed full time.

Did we also mention CanSpace is powered by 100% green hosting? Data centers use a lot of power, and we think this is a great opportunity to rethink how this power is generated. It is the best of both worlds, you get a security hardened, fully managed dedicated server and server management team, and you get the piece of mind that your data storage and security is not contributing to larger climate issues. Best of all, we get to help solve your business needs. That’s what we like to do best!

CanSpace Team

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