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What is an SQL Injection Attack and How Can I Prevent It from Happening to My Site?

An SQL Injection attack is an exploit that targets web applications and databases by manipulating Structured Query Language (SQL) queries. It is a malicious technique used to gain access to protected information stored in a database, allowing attackers to steal sensitive data, modify existing records or even delete databases. SQL injection attacks can have detrimental impacts on organizations and individuals who rely on their data for operations. As such, it is imperative to take measures to prevent these types of cyber-attacks from occurring. 

How an SQL Injection Attack Works

SQL injection attacks occur when a malicious user passes an untrusted input to an application in order to gain access to the database. This could be done by deliberately entering malicious code into a form field or URL parameter, or by manipulating requests sent from a web browser. If an application does not validate or sanitize these inputs, it is possible for attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands on the database. These commands can then be used to manipulate data stored in the database and obtain information such as usernames and passwords. 

Three Ways to Prevent an SQL Injection Attack

1. Input Validation: It is important to ensure that all inputs received by an application are properly validated before being processed. This means checking that only valid characters are allowed and that data is within the expected range. Additionally, it is important to ensure that all user input is properly escaped to prevent malicious code from being executed. 

2. Parameterized Queries: With parameterized queries, the application will only accept predetermined parameters as inputs. This limits the potential for attackers to pass arbitrary SQL commands since they must use a predefined query instead of writing their own.

3. Database Security: It is essential to make sure that your database is secure by regularly patching any vulnerabilities and using strong authentication measures such as two-factor authentication. Furthermore, it is important to limit access to sensitive information and ensure users have only the permissions necessary for their job functions.

SQL injection attacks can have devastating consequences for organizations and individuals. It is important to take steps to prevent these types of cyber-attacks from occurring by properly validating inputs and using parameterized queries, as well as ensuring the security of your database. By doing so, you can protect sensitive data and reduce the risk of a successful SQL injection attack. 
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