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Why You Should Only Use a Registrar that Supports Two-factor Authentication

Web security is taking on an increasing importance these days. It seems that every other day we’re hearing about a new hacking of some type.

As a registrar and web host, we do our best to be as secure as possible, and a part of that is our use of two-factor authentication (2FA). You’ve probably encountered this type of setup for your most precious online accounts, such as bank accounts.

You might not think about your CanSpace Solutions hosting account in the context of security very often (if ever), but if you think about it, your registrar and hosting account is one of the most important accounts you have. Whether you’re running a personal or a business website, you’ve likely invested precious resources and hours of your time into having it working as well as you can. If someone were to manage to break into your account, they have the ability to delete your entire site or steal your domain name, undoing that precious work.

What is Two-factor Authentication?

In case you haven’t encountered it before, 2FA involves a two-step login process that requires the user to prove that he or she is in control of another approved account. Most frequently, this happens via a code that gets sent to your email address or texted to your mobile. By typing that code in as you log in, you’re proving that you’re the main account holder and not just someone who happens to have stolen the credentials to the account.

Of course, it’s possible that the hacker has also stolen the credentials to your main email account, but at that point we’re talking about identity theft that’s beyond the scope of anything we can protect from.

Because we believe when it comes to your site security is of the utmost importance, all CanSpace Solutions accounts support two-factor authentication. Have a question about how all this works? Reach out to us!

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