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avoiding unlimited hosting plans

Why You Should Avoid Unlimited Hosting Plans

If you’ve recently been looking online for companies to host your website, you’ve probably been asking yourself: What are unlimited hosting plans? Well, those unlimited plans are essentially a dishonest marketing tactic certain companies use to sell...

Should I use a CDN

Should I Use a CDN?

What are the benefits, and when should you use a CDN? If you’re like most small business owners, you may not know exactly what a CDN is. The term stands for Content Delivery Network, which is simply a system of servers distributed across the world...

How to choose a hosting provider

How to Choose a Hosting Provider

With so many options out there – how do you choose which web hosting provider to host your website? It may seem like a hard decision to make. Rest assured, there are just a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing. Server Uptime...

What is the best hosting provider for WordPress websites

Which Hosting Provider is Best For WordPress?

Planning to build a WordPress website and not sure how to pick a hosting provider? That’s ok. There are tons of things to think about if it’s your first website. We understand how things can get confusing or overwhelming very quickly. So what should...