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A Look into Our Web-Based Site Builder

How do you make it easier for people who aren’t very familiar with code and web design to build a website of their own? Over the past few years, web-based site builders have made this a lot easier by giving users a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface where a person can make changes in real time without the need to know code.

At CanSpace Solutions we’ve offered rvSiteBuilder for a few years, but are now switching to an even more powerful and intuitive site builder called SitePad! Here’s a brief overview of the many features our customers can take advantage of.

First, when you’re building your site, you don’t have to start from scratch. SitePad comes with 354 themes (and growing) that you can use as a starting point for your website. Typically, you can find something in the vein of what you’re looking for, then easily add in your own modifications and end up with a truly unique site. All the themes, as well as anything you can build on your own using SitePad are fully responsive, as any modern website should be.

Want to see the themes that are currently available? Head here to take a look.

How do you use one of these editors to add a certain type of asset to your website? SitePad uses something called widgets (which you should be familiar with if you use WordPress). These drop in bits allow you to place simple things like text boxes and images, or more complicated things like image/video sliders or social media menus anywhere you want them on the site.

We really can’t stress how simple it is to use — you simply pick the element you want and place it where you want it. The true strength of the tool is its simplicity.

The benefits continue after you’ve built your site and are doing regular updates and maintenance. Decide you need a slider on your homepage now, or that the testimonials section needs to be moved two spaces lower? You don’t have to get a designer and pay them by the hour to make the changes — you simply drag and drop the elements where you need them.

This type of flexibility might change the entire way you use your website. Whereas before you may have avoided making changes in order to save money, or tried to save up all your changes so you can get them done all at once more cheaply, now you can make changes on the go as things come up — whether for a special campaign or to accommodate customer feedback.

SitePad integrates well with both cPanel and Plesk, creating a seamless user interface for our clients. CanSpace Solutions customers currently using rvSiteBuilder shouldn’t have any problems adapting to the SitePad interface.

Have a question about SitePad? Reach out to us!

CanSpace Team

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