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The Best Themes for Your Website in 2022

Website development takes a lot out of you. There are so many design elements to consider, as well as payment gateways, cataloging your products, content organization, and user experience. While you’re considering all these different aspects of your WordPress site, you will want to decide what theme will work best for your needs.

What kind of site do you have?

A Blog

Are you running a website where the main product is information and content? If so, there are a couple of themes we can point to that highlight the recurrent elements of a blog.

  • Blocksy: Blocksy cares about SEO rankings to help your site score higher. The thing you will want for your blog is traffic to gain users. Utilizing SEO recommendations and score through Blocksy will help your site become successful. It is also easily integrated with page builders like Elementor.
  • Divi: this theme provides the same SEO integration as Blocksy, but it also has hundreds of customizable options and pages. Divi may require a little more time on your end, so this is a great option for a real creative. A little more functionality, and a little more control, but the tradeoff is time on your part.
  • Shapely: Shapely is a one page WordPress theme that can be customized to your desire. It integrates well for SEO and is great for textual content. A great option for a portfolio.

An e-Commerce Website

Your business website has slightly greater demands. You will need to sell your products or services, as well as receive inquiries and requests, and you will probably require payment options. Our recommended themes for an eCommerce website are:

  • Divi: Divi is a versatile option for a lot of different types of websites. The versatility and functionality allow you to customize your site to your heart’s content. The SEO tools and integration will serve your business site as well, ranking you ahead of other sites.
  • Astra: Do you use WooCommerce? Astra will integrate with WooCommerce to organize your products on your site, and prioritize top sellers. Astra is a drag and drop site/page builder. You are getting the same amount of control as Divi, but you have to function as the designer. When designing, consider inclusive design to engage with all your users.

Freelance Business Website

Your freelance site can offer payment functions if you would like to collect payments through your site and you will need a good SEO score, but if its initial function is to be a portfolio, then here are some recommended themes:

  • RyanCV: RyanCV is also compatible with Elementor for Drag and Drop design. It functions as a great way to showcase your portfolio of work for potential clients and users. You can also choose a predesigned layout to save yourself some more in-depth design work.
  • Pile: Pile allows you to create beautiful and seamless websites. You can use parallax scroll and really hone in on the user flow of your site. This is a versatile designer’s theme, with customizable colors and page elements.
  • Growth: You are a freelancer, looking to grow your freelance business. What better than a theme that is designed to help you? Growth helps you design a sharp and clean portfolio look, and it allows you to showcase other client reviews and personal accolades. 

To pick the best theme for your website, you need to keep in mind the needs of your business. What is the primary goal of your website? Do you hope to sell products or services? Do you hope to share information you know something about, or engage with a community? Whatever your needs are, your WordPress theme should accommodate it. 

Whichever theme you end up with, CanSpace Solutions is here for all your website hosting needs. We are a dedicated green website hosting company, with 24/7 monitoring and a knowledgeable staff!

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