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What’s Upcoming in Joomla 5.0

With Joomla’s new release cycle, we can expect to see Joomla version 5.0 sometime around August 2023. But what features can we expect to see? Here are a few that have been announced so far.

First and foremost, Joomla will be moving away from the MooTools JavaScript framework. This has been a long time coming, as MooTools is no longer maintained and is slowly being phased out of the web development world. Instead, Joomla will be using the jQuery JavaScript framework. This change should make developing for Joomla much easier for those who are already familiar with jQuery.

Another big change coming in Joomla version 5.0 is that the CMS will now be built on top of the latest stable release of the PHP programming language. This change should help to improve performance and stability, as well as make Joomla more compatible with modern hosting environments.

The Joomla team is also currently working on implementing a new front-end templating system called Bootstrap, which will give users more control over the look and feel of their sites. This new framework will make it easier for developers to create responsive and mobile-friendly Joomla! templates.

One of the most exciting new features is support for multilingual sites right out of the box. Users will no longer need to install a third party extension to get full multilingual functionality on their site.

Another big change coming in Joomla 5.0 is the new media manager. Created from scratch to be more user friendly, it can now easily upload, organize, and manage media files all in one place.

Finally, the last major change that has been announced so far is that Joomla will be switching to a new templating system. This new system, called “Twig,” is already used by many popular PHP applications and should make it easier for developers to create custom themes for Joomla.

As we can see, there are quite a few changes coming in Joomla version 5.0. While some of these changes may be controversial, it is exciting to see a CMS that is constantly evolving and trying to improve itself. 

At CanSpace, we are keeping an eye on the Joomla release even though it’s still a long way off. If you have any questions about current or upcoming Joomla functionality, get in touch with us!

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