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Plugins of the Year: Our Top 5 Plugins for WordPress in 2023

  • WordPress has a wealth of plugins that help expand website functionality.
  • The five top plugins in 2023 are: Responsive Menu, SearchWP, Starfish Reviews, Block Visibility, and GenerateBlocks plugins.

There are several key components to a great WordPress website. A responsive menu is the backbone of the site, giving it structure. The search bar allows users to find the information they need seamlessly. The area with reviews displays your organization’s reputation, building trust and boosting visitor retention. All of this is made possible with WordPress plugins. Keep reading for our five favourites that will help you improve your website.

The 2023 Winner for the Best WordPress Menu Plugin

The Responsive Menu plugin is a piece of software that offers a great range of customization options. It puts mobile design first, which is especially important as the number of mobile users is constantly increasing.

This plugin empowers you to enhance your website navigation with menus that are easy to navigate. You can also customize your menus in ways that best suit your visitors.

The 2023 Winner for the Best WordPress Search Plugin

A professional-level search plugin, SearchWP, brings high-quality search features to the table. Powered by real-time monitoring, multiple customizable search engines, content sources, and types of content, this plugin will boost your website’s performance. It also lets you make the look and feel of your search function unique.

While your website has a native WordPress search function, your users may struggle to find custom database tables, custom fields, categories, and tags. SearchWP goes the extra mile to pull up these results for your visitors.

SearchWP’s Metrics Extension helps you analyze your search traffic. It will give you valuable insights into what the visitors on your website are searching for. This extension will flag any occasions when your visitors fail to find something, helping you fine-tune your website for a better customer experience.

The 2023 Winner for the Best WordPress Reviews Plugin

Starfish Reviews allows you to add multiple review destinations, such as Facebook, X, and Google. It also enables funnel page creation, which you can share with your users on social media. A review dashboard that comes with the plugin gives you a bird’s eye view of all reviews.

The Block Visibility Plugin

When it comes to helping you build your website, the Block Visibility plugin is indispensable. It comes with extensive functionality. You can restrict blocks to specific locations on your website. You can also manage the timing when the blocks should be visible on your website’s pages. This is especially helpful if you run any time-based promotions or specials.

But what’s the best part about this plugin? It’s free!

GenerateBlocks Plugin

GenerateBlocks plugin adds a bunch of amazing blocks to your toolkit. These include:

  • Container
  • Headline
  • Button
  • Image
  • Grid
  • Query Loop

This plugin offers endless possibilities to make your website stand out from the crowd. It gives you precise control over such elements of your website as typography, spacing, colors, gradients, backgrounds, and SVG icons. If you’re conscious of your budget, you will be delighted to know this plugin is also free of charge.

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We hope that our selection of the top five WordPress plugins will help your website building process. In the meantime, don’t worry about hosting the website — CanSpace is here to help. Our company provides reliable hosting services to thousands of organizations across Canada. Contact us today for more information and help setting your website up.

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