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Hosting Essentials for E-commerce WordPress Sites

Let’s say you’ve got an idea for an online store and want to get started right away. What do you actually need to get a website up and going, and start selling things online?

With where technology is these days, the simplicity of the process might surprise you. At CanSpace Solutions, we offer most, if not all, of the components you need to get started. Here are all the essential hosting features you need for your new e-commerce site.


Before anything else can happen, you’ll need to register a domain name and buy web hosting for your new website. A lot can go into the selection of your new host, from affordability, to performance, to other crucial factors like level of support that your host offers (those with zero experience may need a bit more handholding than people who have launched a website before).

At CanSpace Solutions, Canada’s leading web hosting provider and domain registrar, we pride ourselves on hitting the mark on all these aspects, to provide our customers with excellent value.


WordPress is easily the most popular platform when it comes to creating and managing a traditionally hosted website. WordPress installation has always been pretty easy, but to make it even more straightforward, we offer a simple, one-click installation via Softaculous. This option is included in all our website hosting plans.

After you install WordPress, you can look around for a WordPress theme that can give your site the look you want it to have. These come in both free and paid options. In our opinion, paying a little can usually get you a theme that’s better designed and has crucial components like being fully responsive, supported with updates, and integrates with your eCommerce plugin.

SSL Certificate

These days, a secure, HTTPS website is not just a customer preference, it’s an expectation. That’s why we’ve made this level of security a standard feature of all our accounts. Our basic plans feature Let’s Encrypt, while more advanced plans utilize Comodo SSL with extra levels of verification for the utmost in customer peace of mind.

eCommerce platform

If you were happy with our one-click WordPress install, you’ll be just as excited to hear about the variety of e-commerce options that are available as installs from Softaculous. From basic, easy-to-use solutions to ones that are much more elaborate, there are enough options so that any business can find an e-commerce platform with the features they need.


You will almost certainly want an email address with your domain name as your professional email address for your business. This involves setting up a webmail domain, and guess what? cPanel, hosting control panel, makes that very easy too, with three options to choose from, including the more basic Squirrel Mail to the fully featured Horde.


You’ve invested resources into getting your business website off the ground, and it now generates regular sales for you. Obviously, it makes sense to protect this asset from the variety of things that can go wrong online.

Sometimes, things just go haywire. You may end up deleting a crucial part of your site, or there could be an error that gets propagated through your system and affects all your product pages. Backups allow you to rollback the clock and get back to business.

When it comes to maintaining a website, regular backups are something you’ll want to do as a best practice. With CanSpace we handle this part for you, and make nightly backups of your account.

As you can see from the above, our hosting plans, with the help of cPanel, offer some of the most straightforward ways to get your e-commerce site up and going. If you have any questions about specific options that may be available, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

CanSpace Team

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