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5 Best Plugins for your Podcast on WordPress

More than 30% of websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress, a staggering number. Its popularity and convenience makes WordPress a popular platform for podcast websites. Whether you meet two times a week to play Dungeons and Dragons with your friends, or you are a local celebrity who investigates cold cases in your hometown, here are some plugins that can help you optimize your site for your podcast, and grow your audience.

1. Powerpress

Number 1 at the top of most lists is PowerPress, for its ease of access and functionality across platforms. Powerpress comes with an easy user interface to submit your podcast to Itunes. It helps create custom RSS feeds for Itunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and some of the most popular podcast streaming apps. It features embeds for subscribing to Podcasts, and a helpful community of Podcasters to answer frequently asked questions.

2. Podlove Podcast Publisher

For the open source lovers, this is a community-based podcast publishing plugin. This one is for those a little more experienced, it offers more granular control. Podlove offers more direct control over formatting, audio codecs, download statistics, and customizable templates.

3. FuseBox

Fusebox helps optimize your site to become a podcasting hub. It offers more direct control over your episode appearances, and backend options like the ability to make episodes loop continuously or play in singles. It focuses more on the User-experience and offers a dynamic HTML5 player. Implement download embeds or template shading, as well built in sharing features for connected social media.

4. Seriously Simple Podcast Plugin

Seriously simple is…well you get it. With one-click imports and a simple user interface, you can display all your podcast episodes on your site, with player select and widgets to help design your user experience. It creates custom podcast RSS feeds to comply with Itunes, Google Podcast, and most popular podcast streaming apps.

5. Smash Balloon Youtube feeds plugin

Smash Balloon is compatible with live feeds and has youtube video connectivity. This is a great tool for podcasters who utilize both audio and video. Live podcast shows are seriously popular post-pandemic, so why not take this time to capitalize on your market and let people see the “inside baseball” of your show? Smash Balloon has some neat functionality and layout design to play with on your site to highlight your entire catalog of episodes/

Whatever plugin or audio/visual medium you choose for your content, you need a consistent and reliable host to bring your stories to your audience. We at CanSpace Solutions are here to support your passions and projects. If you are just getting started, or your audience is pushing the limits of your current hosting services, do not delay in reaching out to us for comprehensive hosting service with over 20 years of enterprise-level hosting solution experience.

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