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How to Use the WordPress Toolkit in cPanel

WordPress became the most popular website platform on the planet because of its ease of use and performance. One thing that makes WordPress even easier to use is the WordPress Toolkit in cPanel. An extension of the older and now deprecated WordPress Manager, the WordPress Toolkit is a cPanel interface that enables you to easily install, configure, and manage WordPress.

Once enabled, cPanel users can access this feature in cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit interface (cPanel >> Home >> Applications >> WordPress Toolkit). 

WordPress Toolkit is available in a Lite version and a Deluxe version. For a full list of the features available in each version, visit the cPanel Knowledge Base.

Features of the Lite version include:

  • Customizable Installation
  • Manage Existing Installations
  • Website Dashboard
  • Change Admin Password
  • Change DB Password
  • Restore Backups
  • Manual Updates
  • 1-Click Login
  • Open DB in phpMyAdmin
  • Single Site Auto Updates
  • Search Engine Indexing Management
  • Automatic Hardening
  • Password Protection
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Debug Management

To this, the Deluxe version adds the following features:

  • Plugin & Theme Sets Management
  • Cloning
  • Staging
  • 1-Click Hardening
  • Mass Hardening
  • Mass Updates
  • Security Rollback
  • Smart Updates

The best part? The Deluxe version of WordPress Toolkit is included free of charge with all CanSpace hosting plans! 

Because it’s easy to get lost in all these available features, here are a few that are worth exploring if you’re just getting started with the WordPress Toolkit.

Website Dashboard — this is great for keeping an eye on one or more sites, including basic status like current version of WordPress, security updates, and various performance metrics.

Search Engine Indexing Management — easily select your preferred setting for bots crawling your site. Disabling this option adds the “noindex, nofollow” tags to your website’s header and adds the Disallow directive to the virtual robots.txt file.

Automatic Updates / Manual Updates — depending on your preference, you can use the Toolkit to either automatically apply WordPress updates to one or more sites, or do it yourself. 

Manage Admin Users — whether you run one site or many, you can control your list of approved admins, and their credentials, right from the Toolkit

As you can see, the WordPress Toolkit has a number of useful features to explore that will make your life easier. 

Do you need help getting into your WordPress Toolkit? Or, do you need more instructions on how to use a particular component of the Toolkit? We are here to help. Contact us today with your questions!

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