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Why Choose WordPress for Your Business Website in 2022

WordPress has been the dominant website platform for well over a decade. As of last fall, WordPress is used by 42.8% of the top 10 million websites on the Internet. Because it’s been around for so long, you might be tempted to think that it’s outdated, or that there are newer, better options out there. The thing is, WordPress is still one of the best choices for running many kinds of sites, and business websites especially. Here are four reasons why:

1. You retain control of your hosting.

In the past few years, sites like Squarespace have gained market share by advertising ease of use. But what many new website owners come to realize is that the ease of use comes at the expense of flexibility. With a Squarespace site, you continue to pay for hosting or your site goes away. You can’t switch hosts, or export your layout and take it elsewhere. 

With WordPress, your hosting and the design of your website exist separately from one another. You can host your WordPress site wherever you’d like, and move as often as you’d like using a simple export and import feature that almost all hosting companies support. 

2. Countless themes to choose from.

While all modern platforms have many design options, the WordPress ecosystem really has tens of thousands of themes available to choose from. Whatever your tastes — minimalist, maximalist — there will be literally countless themes you could pick for your business site. 

And, the fact that all these options share the WordPress infrastructure means that you can change themes as often as you’d like and most, if not all, aspects of your site should seamlessly convert from one theme to another.

3. Tens of thousands of plugins.

If you’re not a developer, creating new functionality of your website can be intimidating. Getting outside parties to build something for you can get expensive fast, and you yourself might not have the skills to do so. 

WordPress has over 70,000 plugins that you can easily install to add these new functionalities. You can use these for anything, from custom forms, to SEO enhancements, to design elements, to ecommerce functionality. If you can think of it, there are most likely multiple great plugins available that fulfill that function. 

4. A community that offers plenty of support.

WordPress is open source and can be improved by anyone who wishes to contribute. In many ways, this is the secret to its success, as it has an incredibly robust community around it. Major updates are released several times a year (next month will see the release of version 6.0). In addition, if you need support with anything related to your WordPress site, it should be easy to find a solution or tutorial with the bare minimum of online searching.

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