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The Difference between Dedicated IPs and Shared IPs

Improved email reliability is just one benefit of using a Dedicated IP address, but there are many. Depending on your situation, there are two options; Dedicated IP or Shared IP. Which one is right for you?

Internet Protocol

Internet Protocol is the syntax that defines a 32-bit number, split into four 8-bit sections, split by periods. It operates as the “domain name” for servers and computers to identify each other. Whereas we may identify a location on the internet with a domain, the computers identify places on the internet, and physical locations, via IP addresses.

IP sends data packets to request and receive information. The interaction of these messages is what allows us to access websites and information, in order to request, serve, and view them.

Dedicated IP Address

When you use a Dedicated IP address for your site, your IP will not be shared with anyone else. This IP address serves as your home on the internet, just as your address functions in the physical world. Because you are not sharing an IP address with dozens or hundreds of other users, there is a much lower likelihood of your outgoing email ending up in spam folders.

Your IP address is only associated with your domain, and if a user were to type in your IP address, it would take them directly to your site.

Shared IP Address

Shared IP addresses can be assigned to multiple websites. Shared IP address does not necessarily mean shared servers, although this is not uncommon. From the server resource perspective, there is no difference between shared and dedicated. As long as your host has sufficient resources to support your site, or your site and multiples others, no problems should arise. 

Shared IP Addresses may also be used in Cloud Technology via containers. Think of this like an ecosystem, multiple IPs interacting throughout the cycle of your site’s experience. For instance if your website uses a caching plugin or a routing resource like Cloudflare, your site is using multiple IP addresses.


Having a dedicated IP address can assist your online reputation, because it is reflective of only your site. When using a shared IP address multiple sites have reflection upon each other in reputation. This is relevant to SEO, as Google can give a higher ranking to sites not sharing IP addresses with many others. This is also particularly relevant for outgoing email as well, as having a dedicated IP helps prevent your emails from ending up in spam folders.


As long as your hosting service is not lacking, it should not matter dramatically if you are using a Shared IP or Dedicated IP, although for business purposes a dedicated IP address can be preferred. If you have concerns, speak to your hosting service and ask them about whether or not you should make a change to dedicated, or whether it is a problem on their end. 

Why it matters

For the purposes of your site, your IP address is how you are recognized on the Internet. It is how your site is located, and how users reach you to get in contact. For the context of how your site operates, whether you use a shared or dedicated IP should not have a huge impact on performance, or reliability. This is dependent on the trust and authority you give to your website hosting company.

If you have any further questions about your IP, your hosting services, and what could be done better, check out CanSpace. An optimized green hosting service that wants to see you succeed, no matter what your address is.

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