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Reasons to transfer a WordPress site

Everyone in the online blogging community or the e-commerce business starts with enthusiasm when it comes to hosting, expecting top-notch service. However, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Instead of that, somewhere along the line, you will encounter problems which will motivate you to transfer a WordPress site to another hosting provider. The truth is that no hosting company is the same, and the quality of service can vary hugely between one provider and another.

Because of that reoccurring issue that people tend to encounter, we compiled a short list of reasons that should let you know that it’s time to transfer your WordPress site to another host. It doesn’t matter if you’re using VPS hosting or a dedicated server, or if you’re a blogger or you need hosting for business, you should read this.

Lagging issues – There is nothing more irritating on the internet than a slow website! Let us present you with the facts! If your site takes more than two seconds to load, approximately 40 percent of your audience will leave. If you’re running an e-commerce shop, the odds are even worse. If the store takes more than one second to load, 30 percent of the potential buyers will move on to a different store.

In today’s shopping climate, if your site is not fast enough, you lose profit, potential customers and, at the same time, you’re damaging the reputation of your company. We recommend that you perform a few speed tests to be sure, calculate the average loading time and see if you’re satisfied with the results. A hint — it shouldn’t be more than two seconds.

Sluggish WordPress dashboard – If you’re working online, having an efficient and functional dashboard is a “must” because it will save you time and unnecessary headaches. The main interface, where you’re doing most of your work, has to be appropriately optimized. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a sluggish dashboard, as well as daily frustrations.

Wasting your productivity can affect the way you do your job! Find a hosting server that is WordPress friendly to avoid this problem in the future!

Downtime – This is the same problem as above with the slow loading time, but 10 times worse! When your site is not available, that’s called downtime, and it can damage your profits and traffic, because if customers can’t reach your website, they might never come back, and that’s not being overly dramatic. Check the downtime of your site, and when you start searching for a new hosting provider, look for more than 99,90 percent uptime, because that’s the bare minimum.

Pricing – This topic can go both ways, depending on what your problem is when it comes to monthly fees. We always advocate for a quality deal, where you can get a good value/price ratio, because it would be a shame if you lost traffic due to bad hosting. If the price is too high for you, then perhaps you can transfer to shared or VPS hosting, and if you want to upgrade, there is nothing better on the market than a dedicated server.

How to migrate a WordPress site

We’re going to try to explain how to migrate a WordPress site in the most straightforward way possible through six simple steps. You need to start by backing all your site files from the original host. You need to copy all the data from your website’s root directory to a folder on your computer. The easiest way to do this is to use an FTP client.

After this is done, you move on the next step, which is exporting the database. You can do this by logging into your website, clicking on phpMyAdmin and then finding the export button and clicking it. You’re done.

Next, you should upload all the website files that you downloaded in the previous step in the new destination. Log in and find the web root of the destination hosting account, then upload the files to the new host’s web root. When that process finishes, it might take some time depending on how large the data is; you’ll have to create a new database. The old database you exported from your old host can now be imported into the new database.

The last thing you have to do is bind the files and the data together, by modifying the wp-config.php file. Once you click on edit, a window will pop up where you’ll have to input the new credentials.

The process we describe above doesn’t involve a change in the domain name or URL.

Migrate the WordPress site to boost traffic

Another motive for people to migrate a WordPress site is boosting traffic. We’re talking about switching from HTTP to HTTPS because it being reported by bloggers that when they migrate to HTTPS, they receive a boost in traffic. In the past, this migration resulted in a 15 percent loss in traffic. This happened because an HTTP to HTTPS migration caused 301 redirects (a permanent redirect from one URL to another). However, because Google now treats 301 redirects differently, and passes all the link juice to the new URL, somewhere in the process, a little boost in traffic is created.

Canspace can transfer a WordPress site to a new host

One of the free perks you get when you choose a hosting package from Canspace is a free transfer for a WordPress site to a new host. We even provide you with a free web-based site builder, which means you don’t need any previous experience with website design to build a site. You will find thousands of templates, social media plugins and content management features which are easy to learn and use for anyone. You can create the perfect site according to your standards and host it with us to get premium performance and uptime.

As we said above, if you sign up for any of our packages, we will transfer your WordPress site for free, so you won’t have to worry about losing content or other valuable information.


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